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About Miami

Miami is a major town in Florida. It is the financial, cultural and economic and most populous center of the state. 6.1 million People are living there, which makes it the sixth most densely populated city and seventh-largest metropolitan area in the United States. It is also described as the richest city among the states. Miami International Airport plays a very important role in developing the economy and making it one of the strongest and "Alpha level" - among all other states.

Miami is home to many international companies, business centers, medical centers, hospitals, biotechnology industries and so on. Miami's port is known for accommodating the largest cruise ships, which means that more and more tourists are visiting the town annually. Therefore, lots of fascinating hotels are built there, which attracts even more vacationers. More vacationers mean spending more money which led Miami to become the world's seventh-richest city in terms of purchasing power. Miami controls the cleanliness of its town by doing lots of recycling projects, which encourages people not to throw garbage in the streets. They control the quality of air by controlling exhausts and giving fines to some of the industries that don’t follow the rules and pollute the air. Due to all of these efforts, Forbes magazine ranked Miami as the “Americas cleanest city” in 2008.

Miami is also home to many events like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami, Music festivals, South Beach Wine & Food festival and others. All these and especially nightclubs, beaches, top-rated hotels, and shopping centers attract such a big amount of tourists.  Miami's vibrant culture is influenced by a big diversity of populations from all over the world. In addition, Miami’s cuisine is influenced by the Caribbean and Latin American cuisine. By combining all these tastes, it has spawned its own unique Floribbean one.

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